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Choose the right platform for yourself! Integrate your platform with shopping sites, auction platforms and all the other requirements. Momo Shop, Yahoo Mall, Pchome, Payeasy, Go Happy and Rakuten.

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Item Brand Shop123 HiXXX @NXX UrXXXX
Applicant Personal/Enterprise Enterprise Personal/Enterprise Personal/Enterprise
Version Basic version
Advance version
Business version
Flagship version
Supplier version
Industry version
Basic version
Economical version
Starter version
N/A Cloud malls
Yearly fee NTD$6,000 - 650,000 NTD$9,800 - 45,000 Starting from NTD$15,000,
without standard price
Listing fee Free (Not limited) Free NTD$100/each product
Flagship version NTD$150,000
Setting fee Free Free - NTD$2,000 N/A NTD$450
Cash flow connection NTD$15,000 - 60,000 NTD$20,000 Starting from NTD$20,000

Starting from NTD$20,000

Logistics connection NTD$15,000 - 60,000 Pick-up at convenience store: NTD$3,000 N/A Starting from NTD$15,000/time

Marketing tools

Marketing tools
Member operation
Multiple combinations
Buy one get one free
Gift with target amount
SEO settings
Embed tracking code
Analysis and reports
Get site visitors from Mall123
Marketing tools
Member operation
Multiple combinations
Buy one get one free
Gift with target amount
Shopping site advertisements Group purchase NTD$12,000/time
Bonus raffle NTD30,000/time
Online fortune telling NTD$30,000/time
Memorial hall module NTD$12,000/time
Calendar module NTD$12,000/time
SMS notification on orders NTD$15,000/time
(SMS fee not included)
Webpage design Customized style
Self-designed webpage
Customized design available: NTD$20,000 - 80,000
N/A Upload self-designed HTML
Fixed templates cannot be customized
Customized style for webpage
Customized design available: NTD$30,000~quotation according to design
Customized functions Applicable N/A N/A N/A
Distribution order integration Applicable N/A N/A N/A
Analysis tools Customer source, effectiveness, sales, performance, profit, members, orders, products, stocks, conciliation, customer service, behavior, bonus points, keywords…etc Traffic analysis
Members and orders
Products and stocks
Event analysis tool
Update frequency Monthly update on new functions N/A N/A N/A
Educational training Not limited N/A N/A 24hr customer service


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System techniques Self-developed Outsourced Self-developed Suites
Security Firewall:
WAF(Layer 1~6)
IPS(Layer 6~7)
※2k~50k person/s
SQL Injection
Attack on operating system files
Scan weak spots
Check source codes
Hacking attack
Data backup
System security
System backup
Image security
High profile security inspection
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