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Shop 123 – Internet Shop Expert – An Chen Yu Nico

Industry Media Reports - Internet Shop Expert- An Chen Yu Nico Introduction CEO


Introduction of Shop123 CEO


At the age of 22 founder of Shop123 established her internet world on January 23. The loves of internet, shopping online and believe beauty can make joy with money and faith that field into Taiwan e-commerce just less than10 years. With less than10 years consulting over 20,000 companies, Shop123 branding is currently the first network shop to be selected by well –known artist. TV Producer Mr WangWeiZhong once express her as "hours Naughty love running around the little girl, now also broke a day in the Internet! "Network shop leader Nico achievements on the Internet, is so impressive.
In fact, the Internet shop leader


Graduated from the Chicago Institute of Information Engineering, specializing in complex e-commerce in simple terms with the narrative, so that the average consumer a easy to understand, currently has a network of 123 best-selling books, books and even break Taiwan blog To the Internet Bookstore network books top three (sales of ten thousand), is now the Taiwan e-commerce college instructor and learning of literary and creative industry e-commerce course lecturer, is truly a network of shop leader!


"Shop one two three network technology Co., LTD" CEO

"Ganso Industrial Co., Ltd." e-commerce consultant

Advisor of "China Telecom Co., Ltd. Data Communications Branch"

"Exhibition round the International Department of e-commerce" consultant ... and many other consultants


So far, large-scale system of counseling no less than 20,000 enterprises, counseling and 40,000 customers
Including well-known banks, shopping malls and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises ... and so on
A wealth of counseling experience and insights on e-commerce professionals, who want to shop in the network needs of the most accurate recommendations.


Integration of industry payment and, logistics systems
Integration of the industry member system
Integration of industry dividend system
Customer e-commerce counseling on-line
E - commerce marketing
Data analysis
EC system planning and operation mode.
Industries consulting base on e-commerce to increase revenue.

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