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The four crucial points to manage cross-strait online distributions

It may be hard for those who aren’t familiar with China’s e-commerce market to manage its distribution there. However, if you can understand the four crucial points to distribution management, working with China’s Tmall, TaoBao, JD.com or Taiwan’s Yahoo Shopping Mall and Momo would be a breeze, even without enough employees.


Point #1
Establishing headquarter in Taiwan and gathering all distribution channels

Online shop expert Nico An indicates that it doesn’t matter where you want to do business, having your own official website is the most important and basic thing to do. Official website is where customers can find you, just like an actual company, be it your house or offices of any scale.

Therefore, having an official website for your own company is mandatory since customers can see the scale of the company. When enlisting different distribution channels, you will need a system that can connect with members and even the products. The easiest way to manage is to have the channel’s member integrated into your system. Shop123 now offers members and product integration from 33 distributions channels in China, 18 in Taiwan and 2 in Japan.


Point #2
The more distribution channel, the better? Choose what you need.

Often customers wish to stock their products on every possible distribution channel because they have the investment funds or they want to quickly expand their market. Nico suggests that it is better to understand the distribution market and choose one or two suitable distribution channels than investing in all of them. Even though the same images may be widely accepted in the Asian market; however, their commission, payment service and way of describing things are not something we can quickly adapt to. That’s why distribution management is not about quantity, but rather the quality.


Point #3
Managing agency brands the new way

If you want to sell brand-named products, you will need three licenses, which are the receipts you need to import and sell the products. As for selling local products, regardless of its brand, if they don’t have an agency, then you can sell the products directly. However, if they have a local agency, then you will need the three licenses to sell the products. Then there is the issue of shipments in China, which will no doubt be easier for virtual products.


Point #4
Finding the right logistics and payment service through smart analysis

Actually, integrating into the Chinese market isn’t that difficult at all. Nico has been helping a lot of Taiwanese companies integrate into China, from signing contracts, establishing offices to setting storage spaces, which can all be done to your standard. Shop123 works with 109 cash flow companies and 42 logistics companies around the world. We also provide platform connection services, such as American customers with Amazon, Japanese customers with Rakuten and YOYOCOM, and Chinese customers with Tmall and JD Mall, even connecting with social media like Facebook, Twitter are all available.


Shop123 already has the complete service ready for Taiwanese companies. Please contact e-commerce professional consult Nico An on how to become a smart online distribution administrator and how to successfully manage your online platform according to your needs.

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