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The three tricks to global marketing

Do you want to sell your products around the world? People didn’t know where to look for resources, but in fact, there are an abundance of resources available right now. According to Shop 123 professional consult Nico An, below are three things you have to know about.


Fixed currency and language?

Currently, Shop123 has 28 different language settings in response to e-commerce expanding internationally. If you have a Taiwan official website, you can change the price to any kind of currency from New Taiwan dollar. However, if you are already doing business around the world, you still need a storage center and an official site to connect with the payment and logistics services in each market place. Your main website can still be based in Taiwan and then have employees working in different countries. The lower e-commerce cost compared to Japan, US and China makes Taiwan a good choice to establish the head office.


Have you entered the mobile market?

Consumers rely heavily on any kind of tablet and mobile phone, even more so than computers. Shop 123 data shows that in the past, less than 10% of people used mobile technology to make purchases, but now it has increased to 40%. Even though Taiwan is still in its initial stages of mobile purchase, it has become the trend to follow and to understand customer behaviors. Therefore, Shop123 consult, Nico An advises those who want to enter international market to take advantage of the mobile industry.


How to enter foreign markets without resources?

As early as 5 years ago, Shop123 system has been used to enter the Chinese market by some American born Taiwanese and our customer also employed local people, like American, Japanese, Malaysian or Filipino, using our system. Some people changed jobs and made our system known to other companies, which broke us into the foreign markets.

Shop123 has been establishing branch offices to help our customers all around the world. Now, we already have offices in US, Japan, China, Malaysia and Thailand, but we are also planning to set branches in Africa this year. As e-commerce need to collaborate with large-scale shopping sites such as Amazon, Japanese online malls, or even sign contract with online distributors, this would also require connections with payment service and logistics service. Employing locals means that there is no language barrier and they can deal with issues like stocking products, website curation or setting promotional or marketing events according to the local holidays. That’s why we invite you to tell us how you want to integrate your business into foreign markets and we will help you reach your goals.


Shop 123 conquering the international global market with you

Shop123 provides systems in multiple languages, so if you wish to set up your business in any country, just ask and we will make it happen! We will use our resources and help you expand around the world.



Shop123 already has the complete service ready for Taiwanese companies.

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