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E-commerce becoming the new cross border tradeEC

The endless business opportunities of cross border e-commerce

The largest e-commerce operation has launched its cross-border transactions into the international market, creating a borderless online market. Even though most people are familiar with online shopping, whether on foreign shopping sites such as Apple Store or Amazon, our own shopping sites are still limited to domestic transactions. However, as international market is the future, many companies are dipping their toes into cross-border transactions. As a result, how to successfully implement cross-border e-commerce has become the number one objective.



Shop 123 CEO, Nico An points out that over 90% of Taiwan’s business focuses on expanding their business in China and only 10% are willing to expand in Europe, US and Japan. We can see that language and cultural barrier are still the biggest concerns for companies considering their future markets.

Shop 123 launched a new back-end system this August, offering complete language functions that can help you set roots around the world, enabling locals to operate the system. Currently, back-end system is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese, and we encourage customers to make good use of them.


Intricate cross-border transactions

To operate complicated cross-border transactions, it is important to use the right selling platforms and connect with the appropriate payment service and logistics service. How foreign buyers make a purchase, how the product should be shipped out, refunds, returns and tax regulation are what business have to deal with. However, even with all these challenges, international cross-border e-commerce is still the key to success.

Without market regulations and strict inspections, companies can stock products online freely, which lowers the risks of selling products online. Nico An suggests four things that companies should take into account when building an official website: posting information that is related to local culture and market, employing the locals, showing clear prices, posting advertisement that is accepted by the customers, with the first one being the most important. Take Starbucks for example, they build their official sites differently as each country has their distinctive coffee culture and holidays.

Shop 123 CEO, Nico An also mentions that for companies who are setting up their business in different markets, it is better to have individual official sites for each country. For example, Agnes B. offers different site information for their US, Japan and Taiwan site. Even though the basic elements and styles are the same, localized information really helps with effective operation.

Shop 123 will always be your best business partner, pushing you to become the best e-commerce company!



Shop123 already has the complete service ready for Taiwanese companies.

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