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Challenging the top ten myths of online business

Shop 123 firmly believes in educational trainings. One of the most common problems that customers encounter is that they don’t understand e-commerce completely. When first introduced to e-commerce, many people or companies invest money wishing to build up their business in a year. However, it is easy to be disappointed if e-commerce is not properly learned. That is why e-commerce should be built up one step at a time, by creating a solid foundation.

Shop 123 helps you not only with e-commerce system, but also focuses on after-sales services and consultations.


The top ten myths about e-commerce:

 1. Learning is not needed to open an profitable online mall
 2. Hacking is the responsibility of the system provider.
 3. Marketing is more important than the website itself.
 4. The only cost of an online mall is rent.
 5. Bug does not exist in the mall system, neither will there be problems in other systems (ERP…etc).
 6. Once the credit card system is connected, no orders will be lost, neither will there be problems.
 7. Once the products are stocked, shipping orders sent from convenience stores won’t be lost.
 8. Interface function can be used immediately as long as the customized function is carefully planned.
 9. It is better to hire more consults.
10. Learning to use the system once is enough to manage and operate the system.

Customers can regard Shop 123 as their personal e-commerce department. Whether they are system, marketing, hacking or international market problems, we hope to discuss them directly with you and solve the problems together to create a better business!

The complete Shop 123 educational training, including new function requests are as follows:

1.Understand your requests
2.Suggest related requests
3.Build your website

The process of Shop 123 educational training is as follows:

1.The basics of the e-commerce system
2.Website design of e-commerce
3.Business consultation of e-commerce

The structure of educational training is built in three in three cycles, which is also the aim of Shop 123. We hope everyone can participate in our educational training courses every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. to learn everything about e-commerce. When you finish these lectures, your business will become better as you understand the distribution requirements.



Shop123 already has the complete service ready for Taiwanese companies.

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