Independent host(Three different proposals)
Product serial number P121130003158
Product description
Website needs an independent host when mall traffic has reached a certain limit.

Server management service:
1.Audit hard-ware, mother board, network card, processor, RAM, hard-disk…etc.
2.Install the Shop123 necessary packages
3.Test and set up the software
4.Install and test Shop123 system
5.Ensure normal function, which includes operation room inspection, hardware surveillance and back-up host.
6.Handle emergency and abnormal functions
7.Set up and optimize the system
8.Weekly checkup on hardware
9.Internet surveillance on system functions
10.Report and replace malfunctioned hardware

Applicable to:
Mall with heavy traffic, companies with such needs and special industry that needs to follow government laws

Managing independent host will require a hosting space. Customers will need to have their own keyboard, mouse, 13-17 inch screen (including cables), KVM switch and keyboard table.

Online price $11,515
Specification detail Application process After-sales service
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