Shop123 Platform - Business version
Product serial number P121123003144
Product description

Applicable to
Medium-scaled malls of 10 to 30 employees
Companies that need expansion and that want to invest in internet resources
Companies that wish to manage their online distributors professionally

Product Content
With background OTP Protection 5 groups/ yearly、value-added (get a free goft with a purchase of $ or more function) / year、value-added (get a $-dollar voucher with a purchase of $ or more function) / yearIntegration SSL and Configure SSL Certificate/ year、Buy domain name (hosting (redirect domain name ) / year

Product description
An easy-to-manage e-commerce system, which can be connected to both payment and logistics services and ERP system, allows you to control your stocks.
1. Multiple smart functions available, such as bonus points from banks.
2. Recruit your own members and send newsletters!
3. Attract customers to make more purchase with bonus points!
4. Ordering and shipping are both super easy!
5. FAQ categorized by products and orders are easier to use!
6. Customize your own unique website!
7. Develop a strong brand image!

Necessary documents
Shop123 contract, additional service application form, company registration card and identity card of the person in charge

Online price $2,425
Specification detail Application process After-sales service
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