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Shop 123 Technology focuses on providing you with the most professional e-commerce system, while dedicating ourselves to localization and additional services. We take pride in being professionals in the e-commerce field by giving you the best solutions. For companies, we are the tool that helps you make money effectively and rapidly. For customers, we are the platform to rely on. For web administrators, we are the system that saves time and is easy to manage. “Simple, effective and reliable” is the core value our team creates for each of you. We give you our promise to become the best in e-commerce by choosing to work with us.
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Company Spirit
1. Taiwan’s best and safest platform!
2. Equipped with all kinds of functions!
3. We try our hardest to fulfill your suggestions!
4. We try to develop the functions that nobody can think of!
5. We are the most reliable business partner!
6. Creating win-win situation for business in Taiwan.
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Shop 123 Brands
-More than 100 major customers
-Web portal for big enterprises
-Distributor’s Kiosk system
-Online bank system
-Sales POS system
开店123 shop123
- Provide guidance to more than 20,000 customers
- E-catalogue system
-Online shopping mall system
- Web portal for enterprises
- Ticket reservation system
- Academic course marketing system
- Blog and forum system
-Professional e-commerce
-Management consultation
-Recruit management team
-Train management team

-Professional e-commerce
-Management consultation
-Recruit management team
-Train management team
- Online marketing strategies for distributors
- Mall collaborations
- Agent operation
- Product procurement service
- Bonus points events
-Product supply for big shopping malls

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15 years of company evolution
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E-commerce: An integral, simple and safe shopping platform
1. More than 700 website functions
2. Features multiple large-scaled mall distributor’s marketing skills
3. Integrate payment management and logistics
4. System authorized by banks
5. Update website contents at any time
6. Online personal service
7. Double protection through OTP mechanism
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Web POS: A complete ordering system
Product profile:
1. Meal ordering system
2. Cashier system
3. Attendance management
4. Member’s bonus point system
5. Store management
6. Product stocking management
7. Order management
Such as:
Eight main functions including meal ordering system, cashier system, attendance management, bonus point system, store management….etc
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Kiosk: bringing more convenience to customers

1. Print (Print images or documents)
2. Download (Hospital schedules or coupons…etc)
3. Insurance (Print insurance bill service included)
4. Purchase tickets (Movie tickets, entertainment and sport tickets…etc)
5. Bonus points (Bonus points given by banks is available to exchange goods)
6. Pay bills (Fines, credit card bills, donations…etc)
7. Entertainment (Travel tickets, hotel reservation or tours…etc)
8. Images and ringtones (Download ringtones for cellphone)
9. Fortune telling (Free fortune analysis or paid analyses)
10. Extra (Lucky draw events…etc)
11. Inquiry (Inquire HappyGo points, e-map…etc)
12. Pre-order (Pre-order all kinds of products)

(Kiosk System for Family Mart is developed by Shop 123, except for the ticket reservation system. The Kiosk system for both Hi-Life and OK Convenience Store is both developed by Shop 123.)

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Online Shop Expert
Nico An
Profile of Shop 123 CEO

Shop 123 CEO, Nico An, established her own company by combining two of her passions, going online and shopping. She dedicates herself to Taiwan’s e-commerce field by believing beauty can also make money. Within ten years, she has consulted more than 20,000 enterprises, making Shop 123 the leading brand in opening online shopping malls. It has become the number one choice for stars to open their own online mall. Just like what TV program producer, Wang Wei-Chung said: “A naughty young girl has come to make her own fame in the Internet!” The achievement of online expert Nico is that exceptional!
The genuine online expert
Graduated with a degree in information technology in Chicago, USA and skilled in describing the complex e-commerce business in a simple way that customer can understand easily and instantly. Written Open Your Own Online Shop 123, which sold millions of copies and became the top three selling book in the Internet category on as soon as it was published. Until now, twelve more e-commerce related books are being published. Nico has been the prime lecturer in EC School and the professional e-commerce lecturer at Xue Xue Institute, which both deems her the ultimate online expert!

-CEO of Shop 123 Co., Ltd.
-E-commerce department consult of Ganso Co., Ltd.
-Consult of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd Data Service Branch
-Consult of Zoe International e-commerce department
More than 20,000 companies were advised and 40,000 customers were consulted, including renowned banks, large-scaled mall and various minor enterprises…etc. Providing customers who want to open online malls with the most useful suggestions base on her extensive experience and professional understanding in the e-commerce field.

Integrate industry payment and logistics system
Integrate the industry’s member system
Combine the industry’s bonus point system
Help customers’ e-commerce to go online
E-commerce marketing skills
Data analysis
New e-commerce system planning and operation
Provide guidance on the how to increase e-commerce revenue in each field

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Thank you for your visit. Shop 123 will continue to provide you with the best product and service! If you have any suggestions or you wish to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us using the following methods and someone will help you immediately!
Shop 123 offers professional skills, attentive services and 24 hour after-sales services.
Online technical consultancy services account
Headquarter in Taipei
  Telephone: 866-(02)-2708-1238
Fax: 866-(02)-2708-1256
Address:11F., No. 11, Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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