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Items Brand Yahoo! Mall Pchome Mall Rakuten Market
Applicant Limited to enterprises Limited to enterprises Personal/Enterprises
Platform fee NTD$15,000 NTD$37,800 NTD$15,000
Yearly fee NTD$12,000 - 36,000 NTD$10,500

NTD$60,000 - 120,000

Listing fee 5000 free listings X Free (Limited to 1 - 100,000 listings, depending on the platform version)
Transaction fee 1.3.2%, 5.7% and 8% of each transaction
2.Credit card fee
1.2% of each transaction
2.Credit card fee
6.25% of Rakuten members’ purchase
5.25% of non-member purchase
Payment service Payment collection, credit card, web ATM Payment collection, credit card 2%, Audit fee NTD$3,600, web ATM, payment upon arrival Payment collection, credit card 2.8%, 7-11 payment collection, payment upon arrival, ATM, 7-11 ibon
Logistics service Self shipment and collected returns (return fee is deducted from sum) Own shipping and return policy Shipping to Rakuten affiliated convenience store: NTD$35 for each shipment, 7-11, payment upon arrival Own shipping and return policy
Member Without its own members Without its own members Must purchase or participate in events to become a member
Advertisement Newsletters Newsletters 1.Yes, free exposure on Rakuten Market homepage and exclusive interview for magazines
2.Can pay listing fee to participate in 7-11 pre-orders
3.Weekly Rakuten newsletter
4.Recruit members from Rakuten raffle during the initial opening
Website design Fixed template No customization available Fixed template No customization available Must upload your own HTML
Customized functions X X X
Analysis tool X X Included
Educational training Only once Only once Only once, NTD$3,000
Trial service X X X
System technique Self-developed Not limited Transferred from Japan
Space Not limited Not limited 500M
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