To protect your rights after purchase, please read the terms and conditions below; once you click on “I agree” or make a completed purchase, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by all the following terms and conditions:


1. Members must fill in their personal information that are consistent with the facts upon making any purchases. If any necessary changes are made, please notify our service staff immediately or go to member center to update it.


2. The personal information you have given us will be used solely for shipment services and payment services, we have the responsibility to make sure that your information is protected and not given to any third party users.


3. Please safeguard the registered account and password, for any conducts made on this website will be seen as the conduct of the possessor of the account.


4. Under the following circumstances, Shop123 has the right to examine or provide your personal information to the authorities or to a third party user with adequate proof of its rights being violated:

*Under the regulation of laws or the orders of judicial system or other authorities;

*To execute the terms and conditions of this agreement or members violating the terms and conditions of this agreement;

*To maintain the operation and safety of the system;

*To protect the legal rights of this website, other users or other third-party users. 


5. All the products from this website are provided by suppliers, the transactions exist solely between the suppliers and members. Shop123 only provides the transaction platform and payment services for suppliers and members.


6. All related products, quality of service, guarantee and after-sales service should be the responsibility of the supplier; however, Shop123 promises to help members using reasonable efforts on any issues or disputes regarding online shopping.


7. Once member made a purchase from our website, you are agreeing to purchase this product or service and willing to follow all the transaction rules. Member shall be required to update its personal information (such as address or telephone number) promptly, as you may not deny your purchase or refuse payment by cause of incorrect information. Shop123 has the right to process your order at our discretion.


8. All online purchases will be recorded; therefore, e-commerce record shall prevail when any dispute regarding online purchases are made. However, if members encounter incorrect transaction data, please contact us immediately.


9. Shop123 may, without prior notice to members, temporarily discontinue or stop services in case of: 


1. Regular or urgent maintenance of the system and relevant equipment necessary for providing services

2. Interruption or malfunction, including but not limited to, in communication lines and/or applied communication services.

3. Events of force majeure. 


10. Shop123 reserves the right to change the terms and conditions anytime without individual notice. Members are deemed to have agreed to such changes.


11. Members must agree to all terms and conditions in this agreement and all purchases and transactions that follow the proper law of Republic of China. For any disputes arising out of or relating to this agreement shall bring the legal action or proceeding in Taiwan Taipei District Court.